Camp never used to be this way: voyeurism

 Megan is at Camp Rince Ceol .   She has been looking forward to this since February.   It is her first time at a camp and it is an away camp.   I got to drop her off yesterday and will pick her up on Friday.

What is the definition of voyeurism? … 

Here is the dilemma:  the camp asks you at registration to sign a form stating that “the camp” can post pictures to Facebook and YouTube.   I refused.   A few hours later my husband gets a call from the camp director.   She wants a reversal of the refusal to allow pics to go to these websites.   Husband doesn’t want to get in the middle, so he takes a message.   This morning I call the director.   She states that if I refuse to allow the posting of pictures then my daughter CAN NOT fully participate in all camp activities.   She will be set aside and made to watch.   The director states that starting last year the camp made use of these social media sites to allow parents to see what their child is doing at camp.   EXCUSE ME : They are posting pictures so that parents can see their kids at camp.   I have to sign  a liability waiver so that “the camp” can not be held responsible if anything goes wrong by posting my daughter’s pictures to a social media site so that other parents can see their kids at camp.

 Nowhere is this a policy statement on their website or in e-mails sent.

This camp, interestingly enough, has a policy where the campers are not allowed cell phones and any other electronic gaming/computing device.   The campers can’t e-mail mum and dad nor can mum and dad e-mail campers.   They have to use snail-mail, which of course won’t reach anyone until camp is over.

 Did we all not go to camp gleefully knowing that what we did there stayed there?
 Are today’s parents really needing this information to get through their day?

Somehow, even though what the director said seem plausible, I hope the real reason is marketing.

Here is today’s Facebook post  by CRC: “Follow us on twitter! Our name is @CampRinceCeol and the counselors and staff are having a lot of fun putting up Random, Pictures, Posts and Comments. Its a RageFest!”……my, oh my.

Shouldn’t those counselors be paying attention to the kids and not their electronic devices!

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