she is growing up

Most of the time, I cherish the moments I have with my kids as they come.  Sometimes I wish that my children would grow up and enter a new phase of development.  I have been eagerly awaiting the time when my eldest could go to sleep without her security routine. I have grown tired of the amount of tears shed when the routine is broken, some item misplaced. She must have a specific corner on each of her knitted blankets in hand, a leg of a stuffed unicorn, and hold the neck of a little green bear.  Her head rest on a stuffed dolphin.  She wants one song from mama ( “Simple Gifts”) and one from dad ( “Baby Mine”). This is after a ten minute rearranging of covers and quilts so that favorite squares are in their proper place.  On June 28th, she went to bed at a friends house with non of it.  None of the rituals. None of the stuff.  She came home happy.   Her assessment:  she is proud that she could do it but glad she doesn’t have to.   These friends are hers to love and so i shall continue to be patient knowing that someday they too will collect dust.

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