On  July 14, 2012, Luke swam in a A-meet for the first time.   The team has an in-house ranking system that is called the ladder board.   He was fourth for 8&under boys breaststroke.  There was less than a second that separated the top four boys. 

 He needs to improve on his entry skills.  There is plenty of time for that since he has two more years to swim in the 8&unders.

It was a close race.   Luke placed second.  He dropped 2.16 secs off his best time.  He is now first on the ladder board and there is now 2.5 secs separating the top four boys.   When the race was over, the asst. coach texted the M.I.A. head coach because he was so excited and surprised by the race.  

Megan, the middle child in the picture, received her first first-place in this A-meet too for backstroke in 8&under girls.  They now have their sights set in breaking the pool’s record for their perspective events.   Luke wants to go to all-stars (a race for only the best of the best) and then the Olympics.   At practice this morning,  the kids, actually the 8 yr. old boys, took notice of Luke and started to include him in their boosts.  He is now accepted.  Luke is loving the attention. 

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