Life loses meaning for one member

I haven’t been here.  Life surely took a turn that I wasn’t ready to share.   Then this past Monday happened.  My son, 13 years old,  tried to kill himself.  He has been in a bad place for a significant period of his life.   He has a therapist. He has sisters to talk to.  He has his father.  It wasn’t enough.

Yesterday,  there was a family meeting at the hospital, the younger sibling excluded.

I have been searching for advice.  Found most just about signs, which well I knew.   Knowing signs is not the key.  Knowing what works for others, suggestions on how to get out of this black hole- that would help.   This site helped me: .  The site  Live through This lead me to know that I can not keep silent.  Silence is killing.  the best so far is A Voice at the Table.

And so upon telling neighbors, and acquaintances, I have learned that there are a host of people that I know that have struggled, are struggling.  Such a weird and sad comfort.  So incredibly sad that I never knew and would have never known unless I spoke about my son, my family.





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