Pa. Priests, one is my uncle.


This man is dead; I was with him almost to the end.  He is my uncle.  I  wrote essays in grade school about him being my hero.  He always had a smile and a hug.   He taught me about Rumi. From him, I learned that black women are powerful, godlike.   I learned how to forgive and temper my anger.   I learned to meditate.   i learned :   (written by Tukaram)

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To this day I feel he was the only person to unconditionally love me.  My kids thrived under his guidance.   They cry often over his death.

On 1 Aug 2018 and then the details on 14 Aug 2018, I learned about a different side to this man.   I can’t imagine what those children went through and as adults are going through.  The torture the parents must feel.   I am sorry.  I am so sorry and deeply troubled by his conduct and that of the church.  I wasn’t alive when he did the currently known about violations.   I never knew “[h]e was issued a penal precept that revoked any priestly faculties.”   He just refused to marry me when asked- he was old.

At this moment,  I feel I will never be able to reconcile these two versions of one man.  I have not told my kiddos.  Is it ironic my need to protect them from this family history (at least till they are older).



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