Decision – Go, Appalachian Trail


Last year, I purchased the necessary gear(which turned out to be wrong) and headed out on the trail with my three kids.  We had sooo much fun.  We had turmoil as well.  We ended up only hiking 140 miles before saying goodbye.  This year my eldest and I are headed back out.   I am excited.  I am scared to leave some kids behind.  The shared memories are what made these last few months off the trail so enjoyable.  Now, I will have a secret club with one of my kids.  That thought is still better than not going back.  At least the trip will be cheaper this year since we have the gear and spares since the party is smaller.  My eldest does not want to miss any of first days of High School so we have to be done by then.  Therefore,  we now have to figure out when to head out.

I am smiling.

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