Just Another Day

Well, life is truckin along.

I graduated from Va Tech this May. It feels good. I started there in 1989. Many hic-ups, stupidity, poor choices, war, war time injury, motherhood. I met my husband as an undergraduate attending classes after injury. the VA was paying for me to go to school. The school I was attending, really did not want pregnant woman in classes and decided that I could not take classes while pregnant. But husband at the time said he would support my return to another school if needed- ie the transfer was not acceptable by the VA. that never happened. he did not allow me to return to school. the excuse was the kids need supervision and he did not have the money or time nor desire to pay for that.

then with kids older and husband having left me, I returned to school. the original one. it took 29 credit hours and a 3.9 gpa over those hours to graduate. my kids and husband didn’t go to ceremony. but a few weeks later, my oldest kiddos did join me in an adventure to VA Tech. that was a fantastic day. thanks kiddo. love ya.


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