Twas the hour before Christmas

The stocking are stuffed. DSC07915


Two kids are sleeping outside in the tree house.  The little one was sung “Silent Night” from my bedroom deck.  The eldest is watching videos to learn about her new love, Red Lechwe.  She is hoping to be able to ride one.

Image result for red antelope lives in wetlands of botswana
Male Red Lechwe, live in wetlands of middle southern Africa (Botswana.  Photo curtesy of


The reason for her wanting to ride a Red Lechwe is inspiration from a Hayao Mizazaki film, ‘Princess Monooke’.

Image result for princess mononoke
Ashitaka rides his elk Yakul into battle. ‘Princess Mononoke’    [Credit: Toho]
Related image

I can’t deny the similarities.

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