Lorelai about to swim 25 meter backstroke in lane 4 and her brother in lane 3.
This is her first swim meet and her first race.

 Lorelai is four years old.   She finished with a time of 1:15:10.  The whole pool cheered when she touched the wall.  Beautiful.

She also swam 25 meter freestyle.  Lorelai has never been happier or more talkative about an activity.   She taught herself how to swim at 19 months.    

But what is the most incredible thing about all of this is her brother’s comment after the race.  He was still breathing hard from the race.   He said ” Next time, I should swim slower so that Lorelai is not last.  She will feel better.”   He is only a week into his eighth year.   Oh, if this world does not destroy him first, he will change the world with his compassion.

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