Babysitter Returns

SHE HAS RETURNED.   Oh how just the right babysitter can change your life.   Do you know Dar Williams( she sings a beautiful song that …..  just perfectly describes what a babysitter should be.  

The only good thing to ever come from me taking my kids to a playgroup was meeting a family that was in the process of moving to Hawaii and they relinquished their babysitter to us.   She was fourteen then, a freshman in high school.   Now,  she is on summer break from her third year at university.   She is full of love and creativity.  She fully engages life.  She taught them how to build forts out of sheets and chairs and dining room tables.   She turned our arborvitae in Mardi Gras trees.   She hand painted tee-shirts for the kids.   She loved them enough to come and watch them at their various recitals and games.   Thank you, Annie.  We love you.  

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