The joys of summer finally realized: swimming with friends in our backyard.   It is enjoyable not to have to pack up pool stuff and drive to the local watering hole.   It is a total pleasure to swim in the rain, to swim in a downpour.  We  just had a celebration of sorts honoring the death of Superdog, our papillon.  Superdog, at only one year of age, could not survive the house fire.   She had no way to escape.   I am sorry for that.   In some ways I am thankful that the firefighters never answered the question as to where they found her.  We, the rest of the family ( including the cat, Emily), have returned.  We are adjusting, still.   We are crying, still.  The house is still being fixed.   We still have found a way to laugh, smile, and learn not to hold on to stuff, to memories.   This is the only moment that matters.  What are you doing right now?

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